DECO - Ultimate Waterproofing Products

Builders trust Deco waterproofing products to keep basements and crawl spaces dry, and to give homeowners peace of mind against moisture, mold and fungus. Deco waterproofing products are specifically designed for masonry, pre-cast and poured concrete foundation walls, sealing the inside, outside and top with an antifungal acrylic resin for total wall protection. Deco waterproofing products are safe and effective at combating the harmful results of moisture in both new construction and existing homes, keeping basements dry as a bone.

Deco 20 Seal Waterproofing Membrane
Designed for use as a waterproofing coating when hydrostatic    pressure caused by the water table does exist. DECO 20 Seal    Waterproofing Membrane contains no mineral spirits or petroleum  distillates.
Deco Drainage & Protection Board
Designed to provide positive drainage when waterproofing foundation walls by directing ground water to the foundation drainage system.
Deco 20 Clear Dampproof
Specially formulated clear penetrating material approved for dampproofing of masonry block, pre-cast, and poured concrete foundation walls.

Deco 20 Dampproof Coating
Alternative material replacing bituminous products. It is approved for dampproofing of masonry block, pre-cast and poured concrete    foundation walls. DECO 20 Dampproof Coating contains no Aliphatic Petroleum Naphthas or Aromatic Hydrocarbon Solvents. 0 % VOC  (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Deco 30 Penetrating Brick & Stucco Sealer
Clear formulated sealer designed for the demanding environmental requirements for waterproofing and preserving brick and stucco.

Deco Mold Prohibitor
Water-based penetrating sealer used for the prevention of mold growth on masonry block, pre-cast and poured interior concrete structures.


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