Advanced ThermaCube™ Plus Loose Fill
In situations where blanket insulation is not practical to install - Advanced ThermaCube™ Plus insulation by Owens-Corning is a superior choice. Its resilience allows it to provide more R's of coverage than any other loose-fill insulation on the market. The "Plus" means higher thermal performance.

In addition to its thermal properties - keeping a home or building warmer in winter and cooler in summer - it helps make the structure more resistant to fire and vermin and also helps keep sound from being transmitted between walls or floors and ceilings.

• Assured fire safety performance: Made from inorganic glass fibers. Noncombustible and meets ASTM E-136 criteria as well as ASTM C-764 criteria for critical radiant flux and smoldering combustion. Its surface burning characteristics include a Flame Spread of 20 and Smoke Developed of 20.

• Noncorrosive: It contains no chemicals that might promote corrosion of pipes, electrical equipment or structural metal attachments.

• Doesn't absorb moisture: Because glass fibers resist moisture build-up, this insulation retains its effectiveness.

• Doesn't support mold growth:
Its inorganic fibers don't provide sustenance for mold or fungus.

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Minnesota Pro Pink.
Owens-Corning has now developed a line of high density batts for 2 x 4, 2 x 6, or cathedral ceiling applications. This new batting enables the builder the option of increasing the R-factor of the job or substituting lighter framing members to save cost without sacrificing the overall thermal efficiency of the structure. When used in a cathedral ceiling application a ventilated roof can be obtained while still using standard 2 x 10 or 2 x 12 framing.

• Thermally efficient: Added insulation reduces costly heating and cooling losses.
• Noncombustible: Fiber glass is a mineral product that won't burn (meets ASTM E-136).
• Noncorrosive: There are no added chemicals to corrode pipes and wires.
• Odor free: Because there are no added chemicals, there are no noxious odors.
• Won't rot or decay: Like glass, Pro Pink doesn't absorb moisture, so it won't deteriorate.
• Won't attract pests or vermin
Fiber glass contains nothing to attract insects or other pests.
• Meets all federal and local standards
The product complies with federal and local building standards and is a Type 1, Category 2 insulation under ASTM C-764, replacing federal specification HH-I-1030B.
• Tested and proven
Pro Pink has been tested and verified in accordance with approved test methods by recognized independent laboratories in Canada and the U.S.

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Minnesota Pro Pink. Loose Fill.
Owens-Corning's Minnesota Pro Pink Loose Fill is a high density blowing insulation which naturally eliminates the problems associated with Minnesota's harsh winter environment. An improved FiberGlas® product that resists moisture, mold, corrosion and won't burn. Pro Pink is manufactured to reduced airborn dust. Package in a tough Polybag it meets ASTM C518, C-764 and E-136.

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